The dream for Castle Books sprang into being many years ago during a long trip through the misty Scottish Highlands. The rich history and atmosphere is sunk deep into the earth there. There, the castles and ruins speak countless stories, spark a sort of romantic imagination. What a wonder it would be to capture the majesty and atmosphere of a castle and a bookstore together. While we have not captured that moment exactly we've done everything in our power to create a bookstore with all the charm you might expect to find in such a place. We have a welcoming, knowledgeable and slightly quirky staff who are as happy to drop everything to help you find that book (You know, the one with an orange cover you saw at a party in 1985 or 87 and you think might be about platypus or a knight or a club in Aberdeen) as they are to simply smile and give you an encouraging nod of greeting as you set out to explore the vast unknowable wilderness of used books before you. 


The lairds of the shop are two kittens, Oolong and Matcha who will be making occasional visits  once we find a suitable location to establish our brick and mortar presence in the physical realm.  



We aim to create a vibrant, accepting community space  open to all book-lovers regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, economic status, or species. Our focus is always to encourage curiosity and a search for wonder.


5% of all yearly earnings are donated to charities supporting neuro-divergent communities and communities affected by trauma.

Laird Oolong (left)  Laird Matcha (Right) keeping an eye on the homestead.



A Librarian and occasional archivist, Tristan Evarts  co-owned an online bookstore for eight years before setting out on his own. Currently he also serves as the editor-in-chief of Utopia Science Fiction Magazine.


 Tristan has spent more than decade curating and expanding his private collection of antique manuscripts which range from the 16th to the 19th century. From a very young age he has lived and breathed books and developed a life-long passion for the history of the book.


Dedicated to promoting science, science fiction, and to creating a welcoming and fostering environment for the neuro-divergent community, the idea for Castle Books was born!