Sell Your Books

We are always looking for rare and antique books. Please understand that just because a book is old and one of its kind it doesn't necessarily mean that it's valuable. We are willing to buy just about anything and offer fair prices for bulk purchases. Currently we'll pay 0.50c per paperback and $1.50 per hardcover. We'll offer more for valuable books at a varying scale. But are generally confident we offer more than many other booksellers or dealers. 


If you prefer we can offer store credit at 25% higher prices. Store credit does not expire and can be used anytime.


We will NOT purchase

* Textbooks older than 2 years

* Encyclopedias

* Magazines

* Badly damaged or moldy books. 

To sell us your books fill out the contact form below. Please include images (where possible) a description of the items condition, publisher, year published, and edition.