The Flying Goblin (Doc Savage) by Kenneth Robeson


Paperback. Condition: Good. 1977. Bantam Books.

To the world at large, Doc Savage is a strange, mysterious figure of glistening bronze skin and golden eyes. To his amazing co-adventurers - the five greatest brains ever assembled in one group - he is a man of superhuman strength and protean genius, whose life is dedicated to the destruction of evil-doers. To his fans he is one of the greatest adventure heroes of all time, whose fantastic exploits are unequalled for hair-raising thrills, breathtaking escapes and blood-curdling excitement.


The Headless Horseman rides again in Sleepy Hollow — this time streaking down the sky with flashing speed causing destruction and horror wherever he lands. Here is a puzzle worthy of the penetrating powers of the MAN OF BRONZE — a deception so devious it would have to be solved on two continents.