The Little Book of Ireland by Juliet Berridge


Softcover. Condition: Fine. 2001. Jarrold Publishing.

Miniature Book. 3.75in x 3.25in.

Famed for its breathtaking scenery, spirit and wit, not to mention Guinness, Leprechauns, George Best and U2, Ireland has managed to retain its unique identify throughout the centuries. Today Ireland is more popular than ever producing some of the best musical and comic talent around. From facts to folklore, The Little Book of Ireland provides an endless stream of fascinating and witty tales to be told. Did you know that Saint Patrick was not bom Irish? That the official national emblem is not the shamrock but the harp? That Dublin was originally called 'Dubh Linn' meaning 'Blackpool'? Or that no fewer than 20 American presidents have been of Irish descent? With more than 100 facts and figures to delight and entertain you, The Little Book of Ireland is well worth a read for an extraordinary insight into this remarkable country.