1663 - Gymnasii Berolinensis Rectoris De Capillamentis seu vulgo Parucquen Liber Singularis by C. T. Rangonis

1st Edition

Hardcover. Condition: Good. 1663 Johannes Mullerus. Latin. Scarce

Conrad Tiburtius Rango (1639 - 1799) was a 17th-century German orthodox minister and Rector in Berlin, as well as mathmetician and physicist who was best known for this bizarre and rather obscure treatise on wigs.

First published in 1663 in Magdeburg, De Capillamentis was the first treatise devoted strictly to wigs and hair pieces covering all aspects from materials, uses in daily and theater use, history and origin of wigs, and much more.

Quarter bound with leather spine paper over board cover. Edgewear. Cover boards slightly warped. Pages rippled and lightly toned, likely water damaged at some point, but excellently restored. Good condition for its age.