1723 - Abrahamische Lauber-Hütt. Ein Tisch mit Speisen in der mitt...by Abraham Sancta Clara


Hardcover. Condition: Very Good. 1723. Wienn und Nürnberg Lehmann. German.

"Abrahamic Lauber Hut. A table with food in the middle/ Which hut has not empty leaves and leaf/ But much hearty fruit. To the Jews for defiance, to the Christians for the benefit and uplifted"

Written by Abraham Sancta Clara (1644-1709) a very eccentric but popular Augustinian monk. He was appointed imperial court preacher of Vienna in 1669.

The people flocked to hear him, attracted by the force and simplicity of his language, the grotesqueness of his humour, and the impartial severity with which he lashed the follies of all social classes. The predominant quality of his style was an overflowing and often coarse wit.

Bound in leather, little wear shown to cover except for small rubbing of corners. Interior paper shows age, but has been preserved and restored. Well bound, very slight rippling, toning, and foxing to pages to be expected with older volume.