The Trees of New Zealand by L. Cockayne

Interesting Provenance

Hardcover. Condition: Very Good+. 1928. Wellington; Gov't Printer. 1st Edition. Presentation Copy.

From the Personal Library of A.G. Tansley (Arthur George Tansley) and from the personal library of David Bellamy.

An illustrated catalogue of known native trees published 1928 with the then upcoming Third British Empire Foresty Conference in mind. Written by L. Cockayne who is regarded as New Zealand's greatest botanist and a founder of modern science in New Zealand.

Presented to A.G. Tansley with the Christmas Friendship, the author (No signature).

This book is from the personal library of Arthur George Tansley (1871-1955), a pioneer who popularized and coined the word "Ecology". He also served as the first chairman of the British Nature Conservancy.

This Book is also from the personal library of David Bellamy (1933-2019), an English botanist, well known television presenter, author and environmental campaigner.