New Zealand Plants and Their Story by L. Cockayne

Interesting Provenance

Hardcover. Condition: Very Good. 1919. Wellington, NZ, Gov't Printer. 2nd Edition. Illustrated. Interesting Provenance.

From the personal library of David Bellamy.

Illustrated with 71 photographs, this early 20th-century book examines native New Zealand plants. Author Leonard Cockayne is regarded as New Zealand's greatest botanist and one of the founders of modern science in New Zealand. This book was the first attempt to describe the plant life of New Zealand as a whole. Cockayne avoids technical language and the work is accessible to the average reader. Many New Zealanders used this work to better understand their native land.

This Book is also from the personal library of David Bellamy (1933-2019), an English botanist, well known television presenter, author and environmental campaigner.

Green cloth binding with gilt lettering, minimal edgewear- tightly bound interior.