Art and Artists of All Nations


Hardcover. Condition: Reading Copy. 1895. Arkell Company. Illustrated.

This antique folio-sized volume is a rare description of over four hundred photographic reproductions of great paintings, embracing masterpieces of modern American, French, English, German, Spanish, Dutch, Russian, Scandinavian and Italian art, including more than one hundred and forty paintings exhibited in the department of fine arts at the World's Columbian Exposition. Descriptions of each painting were prepared expressly for this work by well known writers and art critics, among whom are Angelo Del Nero, Henri Giudicelli, J. W. Beck, Horace Bradley (art manager for Harper's Magazine,) and Charles Dekay (art critic for the New York Times.)

Book is still bound well, though the spine is missing with only a line of paper over the mull. Edges are heavily worn away and this book could do with a nice rebinding. Interior pages have some small rips and tears, most notably on the title page. Gilt spine and heavily illustrated. Perhaps best as a reading copy, but salvageable with interior in good condition overall.