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Les Miserables / Toilers of the Sea / Ninety Three / The Order of the King / Notre Dame / History of a Crime by Victor Hugo (6 volume set)


Hardcover. Condition: Good - Good+. 1888. George Routledge. Illustrated. Complete set.

Les Miserables

Out of extreme poverty Jean Valjean steals a loaf of bread and then spends many years trying to escape his reputation as a criminal. In later years he rises socially and is a respectable member of society; but policeman Javert will not allow him to forget his past and is determined to expose him

Toilers of the Sea

Authorized English Translation by W. Moy Thomas. The Toilers of the Sea tells of the reclusive Guernsey fisherman Gilliatt, who salvages the engines of a wrecked ship by performing great feats of engineering, matching wits with sea and storm, and doing battle with a great sea monster - all to win the hand of a shipowner's daughter.

Ninety Three

Translated by Frank Lee Benedict. Ninety-three, the last of Victor Hugo's novels, is regarded by many including such diverse critics as Robert Louis Stevenson and André Maurois as his greatest work.

1793, Year Two of the Republic, saw the establishment of the National Convention, the execution of Louis XVI, the Terror, and the monarchist revolt in the Vendée, brutally suppressed by the Republic. Hugo's epic follows three protagonists through this tumultuous year: the noble royalist de Lantenac; Gauvain, who embodies a benevolent and romantic vision of the Republic; and Cimourdain, whose principles are altogether more robespierrean.The conflict of values culminates in a dramatic climax on the scaffold.

The Order of the King

The authorized english translation of Victor Hugo's L'homme Qui Rit.

Gwynplaine and his surrogate family--father Ursus and sister and fellow foundling Dea--travel southern England as Gwynplaine performs at carnivals, using his grotesque facial expression as a punch line, only for Gwynplaine's lineage to be discovered in the midst of court intrigues and arranged marriages.

History of a Crime

Translated by T.H. Joyce and Arthur Locker. an essay by Victor Hugo about Napoleon III's takeover of France. Publishing this essay is what led to the exile of Victor Hugo from Belgium and the start of his residency in Jersey.

Notre Dame

Perhaps one of Hugo's best known works besides Les Miserables, this is the story of Quasimodo, the hunchback bellringer of Notre-Dame cathedral and his devotion to the beautiful gypsy dancer Esmeralda. When the demented archdeacon Frollo sets out to abduct Esmeralda, he uses Quasimodo to do the evil deed on his behalf. However, Quasimodo turns from captor to saviour.