First Principles of Geology by David Wells


Hardcover. Condition: Good. 1861. Ivison, Blakeman and Taylor. 1st Edition. Illustrated.

A Text-Book for Schools, Academies and Colleges

In the preparation of the work, the author lays no claim to originality; but he has drawn from a multitude of sources such material - statements and illustrations - as has seemed most desirable for presentation to beginners. To the elementary treatises of Page and J ukes, (which at present hold the first place as elementary text-books on geology in Great Britain), he is, however, especially in debted' for many suggestions. Great pains have also been taken to render the work in every respect correct, and in full accordance with the very latest results of scientific research.

In conformity with the general sentiment of teachers, questions have been appended to the text. It is sug gested, however, that the student be not required to com mit to memory any part of the text verbatim, but rather that he should make himself fully acquainted with the subject generally.