Earth's Voyage Through Time by David Dineley


Paperback. Condition: Good+. 1975. Paladin.

This is the story of our planet's journey from its fiery birth some 4,000 million years ago up to its probably climactic ending in the far future. During this time the earth's surface has changed and will continue to change beyond recognition. Perpetually renwing and destroying itself, the crust develops huge narrow scars and welts like blistered skin. Continents can be likened to labs of pack-ice drifting, colliding, fusing together and then splitting apart. Mountains, plains, the ocean floor, earthquakes and volcanoes are the evidence we have today of this rumbustious evolution. In the last few years there has been a revolution in geology. Space and deep sea exploration and computer calculation have provided scientists with a wealth of new information and now a new account and a new explanation of earthäs life is unfolding.