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The Book of Romance by Andrew Lang

1st Edition

Hardcover. Condition: Good/Good+ 1902. Longmans, Green, & Company. 1st Edition.

Comprised of nineteen tales, The Book of Romance by Andrew and Leonora Lang is an adventurous 19th century collection of ancient lore. After the death of their king, the lands of Britian were left without a ruler, but received a prophecy from the great wizard, Merlin. He told the kingdom that their new king would emerge after proving themselves worthy of Excalibur, a might sword stuck in a stone. As the nation waited, Arthur, a meek, unexpecting boy, attempted to retrieve the sword not for himself, but on behalf of another. However, as the young boy pulled Excalibur out of its sheath of stone, he proved himself noble and deserving of the throne, thus beginning a new era. Featuring the adventures of popular members of King Arthur's court, such as Sir Lancelot, Sir Percival, Merlin, Sir Bors, and Guinevere, The Book of Romance depicts familiar stories in an original and charming way. With dragons, quests, magic, knights, and adventures, this captivating collection allows readers to divulge into the medieval culture of King Arthur's reign.

Bound in original blue decorative cloth, elaborately stamped in gilt with a medieval motif on cover and spine. Gilt edges. Well bound - though shows some strain and wear along hinges. Wear along top and bottom of spine and slight rubbing of corners. Still well bound with clean interior free of foxing. Gorgeously illustrated by H.J. Ford in both black and white plates and colour.