Meteors, Aerolites, and Falling Stars by T. L. Phipson

1st Edition

Hardcover. Condition: Good. 1867. Lovell Reeve & Company. 1st Edition. Illustrated. Scarce

One of the first books to tackle in depth with knowledge and accessability the topic of meteors and falling stars. This first edition guide to falling stars by British scientist and violinist T.L. Phipson is scarce. It covers all that falls to our earth from space, written by celebrated British scientist and violinist Thomas Lamb Phipson, compiles a popular exposition of the subject matter, taken from the author's astronomical observations and other scientific findings of the time, presented in an easily understood work designed for the general population. First edition. With monochrome vignette illustrations throughout. A wonderful introduction to the science behind falling stars, Phipson's 'Meteors, Aerolites, And Falling Stars' brought the enchanting world of space down to an eager layman audience.

Leather bound with gilt decorations and lettering along spine. Several corners bumped slightly with light edgewear. Spine has wear on top and bottom with several two tears. The bottom 2.5in has leather peeling back to reveal top of spine (not mull) could be repaired with relative ease. Interior clean, tightly bound, with numerous illustrations.