Stargazer Caramel Yerba Mate Chai Tea


Brand: Plum Deluxe
Ingredients: Green Tea, Apple Pieces, Orange Peels, Blue Cornflowers, Calendula, Bergamot Oil, Lemon Essence, Vanilla Essence.
Makes: ~15 cups of tea

Maté tea is a cultural icon in South America – it’s known as the beverage of friendship and that’s what inspired us to carry our own blend of yerba maté chai tea, sourced thoughtfully from Brazil. The tea itself is toasted and has a slightly smoky flavor; we pair it with fresh orange peel and a variety of spices to enhance the flavor, as well as a splash of caramel, making it a caramel chai tea. This makes an amazing tea latte, especially with a hint of sugar or honey for balance. Or prepare it like traditional masala chai – we think you’ll love it. We call this our Stargazer blend because we were inspired by the beautiful sights and gorgeous night skies of South America when sipping it.