A Path Where No Man Thought by Carl Sagan

1st Edition

Hardcover. Condition: Very Good+. Dust Jacket: Very Good. 1990. 1st Edition (2nd Printing).

A hard, but hopeful look at the greatest threat to the humaan species. Since WWII countries stockpiled close to 60,000 nuclear arms, each hell-bent on producing a winning arsenile.

In 1982, Professors Sagan and Turco made known their discovery of the concept "nuclear winter", a widespread cold and dark, resulting in agricultural collapse and world famine, that would be generated in even a "small" nuclear war. It was a landmark discovery that revealed in the starkest terms how vulnerable our civilization is to the long-term environmental effects of nuclear war.

Carl Sagan, Pulitzer prize-winning science writer, and Richard Turco, tell the personal story of their findings, and how, despite the much-heralded thawing of the Cold War, there are dangerous inadequacies in nuclear policy and doctrine that need to be addressed.