The Smoke Ring by Lary Niven

1st Edition

Hardcover: Conditon: Fine. Dust Jacket: Fine. 1987.Michael Whelan (Illustrator) 1st Edition, 1st Printing. Stock Image.

Sequel to The Integral Trees.

n the free-fall environment of the Smoke Ring, the descendants of the crew of the Discipline no longer remembered their Earth roots -- or the existence of Sharls Davis Kendy, the computer-program despot of the ship. Until Kendy initiated contact once more.

Fourteen years later, only Jeffer, the Citizens Tree Scientist, knew that Kendy was still watching -- and waiting. Then the Citizens Tree people rescued a family of loggers and learned for the first time of the Admiralty, a large society living in free fall amid the floating debris called the Clump. And it was likely that the Admiralty had maintained, intact, Discipline's original computer library.