1689 Existence God French Divinity of Jesus by James Abbadie

1st Edition

Hardcover: Condition: Very Good+. 1689 1st Edition. French.

Leather binding with gold gilt spine. Coners slightly bumped. Rear left corner of cover rubbed and worn. Binding strong, pages clean, writing legible.

Jacques Abbadie, most known for his 17th-century religious treatises, was an outspoken Protestant minister who began this famous treaty in order to combat heresies of atheism, deism, and Socinianism. It was received with extraordinary praise and saw publication in other languages and was circulated throughout Europe by the early 18th-century. One of Abbadies most expounded upon points was that Mahomet was a teacher, and not superior to Jesus Christ. He also warns against idol worship and blaspheming God.

A continuation of this treatise was published in 1689 under the title Treatise on the Divinity of Jesus Christ.