Operation Otherworld by Poul Anderson


Hardcover. Condition: Very Good. Dust Jacket: Good. 1999. Book Club Edition.

Dust Jacket Scuffed on front cover. Some shelf wear.

An omnibus edition of Operation Chaos and Operation Luna.

Welcome to an alternate-world fantasy set in a 20th century where sorcery and alchemy are just as respectable – and reliable – as science and technology.

In Operation Chaos, Steve Matuchek, an engineer and werewolf, is teamed up with Virginia Graylock, a licensed witch, to immobilize an afreet in the Moslem War. Although their operation is a success – and the American forces go on to win the war – the Dark Folk aren't done with them. In short order, Steve and Ginny find themselves pitted against a fire elemental out to consume the world, an incubus with less than honorable intentions toward Ginny, and, last and worst, a demon who carries their three-year-old daughter Valeria off to hell.

Eleven years later, in Operation Luna, Steve and Ginny are living in Arizona where they are working on a project to take humans to the moon. But something sabotages the launch.  Could it be the Native American trickster, Coyote? Or are Asian spirits meddling? While they struggle to find out, Valeria tries to help… but just might end up lost in space. That is, unless her parents can save her from the demons who are hot on her heels.