1684 - Mercure Galant dedicated to Monseigneur Le Dauphin.


Hardcover. Condition: Good-. 1684. Thomas Amaulry.

"Mercure Galant Dedicated to Monseigneur Le Dauphin (King Louis XIV)"

Mercure Galant is a literary magazine started in 1672. It has changed names a few times and ceased publication briefly (Once it was surpressed by Napoleon) but currently continues as Mercure de France. The name refers to the god Mercury, the messenger of the gods; the title also echos the Mercure françoys which was France's first literary gazette. The Mercure galant was a significant development in the history of journalism (it was the first gazette to report on the fashion world and played a pivotal role in the dissemination of news about fashion, luxury goods, etiquette and court life under Louis XIV to the provinces and abroad.)

Spine chipped. Rebinding might be suggested, though binding holds strong as is. Sign of pest damage on cover, but not interior. Inside is clean and unmarked. Rare.