A Perilous Secret by Charles Reade


Hardcover. Condition: Good+. 1884. Harper and Brothers.

Green cloth binding. Gilt lettering. Cover scuffed. Bumped corners and shealf wear. High quality endsheets. Stain on cover, otherwise clean and tightly bound. Good+ / Very Good -

A classic 19th century novel.

"wo worn travellers, a young man and a fair girl about four years old, sat on the towing path by the side of the Trent. The young man had his coat off, by which you might infer it was very hot; but no, it was a keen October day, and an east wind sweeping down the river. The coat was wrapped tightly round the little girl, so that only her fair face with blue eyes and golden hair peeped out; and the young father sat in his shirt sleeves, looking down on her with a loving but anxious look. Her mother, his wife, had died of consumption, and he was in mortal terror lest biting winds and scanty food should wither this sweet flower too, his one remaining joy. William Hope was a man full of talent; self educated, and wonderfully quick at learning anything: he was a linguist, a mechanic, a mineralogist, a draughtsman, an inventor. Item, a bit of a farrier, and half a surgeon; could play the fiddle and the guitar; could draw and paint and drive a four in hand. Almost the only thing he could not do was to make money and keep it"