Letters From Abroad Vol. I & II by Catharine Sedgwick

1st Edition

Hardcover. Condition: Good-. Good. 1841. 1st Edition.  Harper & Brothers. Ex-Libris, signed by and from the library of Salem Towne Russell, a prominent New York businessman in the 19th century who was known for his generous support of the local Utilitarian church. It inscribed to his wife, and a book plate on the front cover is from their daughter and dedicate to the minister's library of the Utilitarian church.

Catharine Sedgwick, the author, was one of the early women writers of the 18th and 19th century and well known for her domestic fiction. These two books deal with her travels around Europe.

The volumes are in good shape, with rubbing and bumped corners and chepped spines. Brown cloth bound with gold gilt design on front covers. Complete set. Mild foxing. A tender copy, with minor tears around the signatures present and a few pages coming loose throughout. Otherwise still bound and holding strongly together. Wear to covers. Complete Set. Ex-Libris book plate on front cover of each signed by person of some note.