1898-1914 Financial Records of French Champagne Riots


Hardcover. Condition: Fine. 1899-1914. Handwritten. 2 Volumes.

Two large late 19th-century volumes of financial records. The contents primarily contain the financial records of one Gustave Antoine Charles Jean-Baptiste (1839-1928), who was a French lawyer and jurist from Lille, France. The records cover a period from 1899-1914 and list costs and accounts of various subjects from crops and animals to furniture, as well as dealings with other individuals.

Of particular interest may be the sections on vineyards, as costs may have been affected by the Champagne riots of 1910-1911. In this way, the ledgers provide a fascinating look at the daily life and responsibilities of a French citizen in the period just before the German occupation of Lille during World War I.