NASA - Astronaut Norman E. Thagard autograph


Official NASA Lithograph in Fine condition. Inscribed and signed by astronaut Norman E. Thagard.

Norman Thagard can be considered the first American Cosmonaut. He was the first American to ride to space on board a Russian craft. He's logged more than 140 days in space and has served onboard the STS-7: Challenger as a Mission Specialist along with Sally Ride. They had their first mission together. The STS-7 marked Sally Ride as the first female astronaut in space.

Thagard served on the STS-51: Challenger as Mission Specialist, STS-30: Atlantis as Mission Specialist, STS-42:Discovery as Mission Specialist, Soyuz TM-21 which marked the first time an American flew on board a Russian spacecraft and the STS-71: Atlantis-Mir.

Photo inscribed "To Ken Wittfeldt, Best Wishes, Norm Thagard"