NASA - Astronaut Robert L. Gibson autograph


Official NASA Lithograph in Fine condition. Inscribed and signed by astronaut Robert L. Gibson.

Selected by NASA in January 1978, Gibson became an astronaut in August 1979. He served on the STS-41-B: Challenger as pilot (this mission included the first unteathered spacewalk. Gibson also served on STS-61-C: Columbia as pilot, STS-27: Atlantis as Commander. He commanded STS-47: Endeavor (which included the first Japanese astronaut, Mamoru Mohri, and the first African-American woman, Mae Jemison, in the crew) and STS-71 Atlantis-Mir. Gibson served as Chief of the Astronaut Office (December 1992 to September 1994) and as Deputy Director, Flight Crew Operations (March–November 1996).

In his last mission, he led the STS-71 joint mission between the Russians and Americans. He shook haands with Vladimir Dezhurov symbolizing the newly-found cooperation between the United States of America and the Russian Federation. Then President Bill Clinton mentioned in a speech later that day that aact went a long way towards ending the Cold War.

Photo inscribed "To ken, with best wishes! Rober L. Gibson