Chasing Midnight by Randy Wayne White

Signed 1st Edition

Hardcover. Condition: Very Good, Dust Jacket. Very Good. 2012. Putnam's Sons. 1st Editiion, 1st Printing. Signed and inscribed by author.

Inscribed "Capt. Scott, Doc's Pal. Randy Wayne White Versaclimber."

Book 19 iin Doc Ford Series.

On one of Florida’s private islands, a notorious Russian black marketer is hosting a reception. Doc Ford only wanted to get an underwater look at the billionaire’s yacht. But when he surfaces, he gets a look at something he’d rather not see.

A group of violent, armed men have taken control of the island, their true identity unknown. Whatever the motive, they threaten to kill the hostages one by one unless their demands are met—after which they might kill everyone anyway.

Communications from the island have been cut off, and Ford knows he has to act. Luckily, the militants do not know Ford’s capabilities, or that he is still on the loose. But that situation won’t last for long…and the clock is ticking.