The Weapons of Chaos: Echoes of Chaos by Robert E. Vardeman

1st Edition

Paperback. Condition: Good. 1986. Berkley. 1st Edition.

The signs of a once-thriving cililization were evident. Millennia ago, a humanoid race had built a magnificent empire. But the records & artifacts suggest to archaeologist Michael Ralston that the disease & decay that destroyed an entire planet were not natural, but the results of an alien weapon of awesome power. A weapon that disrupts the natural laws of physics. A weapon that breaks matter down to molecules. A weapon that mankind's secret enemy seeks to control. Time is running out. Trapped on a dead planet circling an unstable sun, Michael Ralston must hunt down the mysteries of the doomsday device before the planet's sun explodes--and the weapon is unleashed on an unsuspecting mankind.