The Pathfinders by Geary Gravel

1st Edition

Paperback. Condition: Good. 1986. Del Rey. Stock Image. 1st edition.

Second Book in Alchemist Duology.

Ai was an apprentice Pathfinder, in training to guide the great Darkjumpers through interstellar space. But sporadic attacks of blindness seemed likely to end her career before it began.

Desperate, she sought the counsel of an old family friend. But she found him lost to a living death, his mind mysteriously siphoned off in the Dark of space. So she brought his body to Scholaaar Emrys, the one man she thought could help him.

Yeaars before, a bond had been forged among a group of scholars in aan unusual experiment led by Emrys. None of them had ever quite realized how strong that bond could be. Now Ai's problems- and her special gifts- could leaaad them to the answers.