Stargate: Retribution by Bill McCay

1st Edition

Paperback. Condition: Good. 1997. ROC. 1st Edition, 1st Printing.

The survivors of the tragic war on Abydos stagger back to Earth through a smashed StarGate, through a storm of treachery, greed, defeat, and bitterness. Some are prisoners. Some are outcasts. All know the final war has yet to come.

The titanic, pyramid-shaped wrecking ball under the command of the goddess Hathor is hurtling toward Earth, bearing with it the power to enslave and destroy. And while the politicians argue, and the fighters of Abydos are held prisoner inside a Colorado mountain, renegade Egyptologist Daniel Jackson and fallen warrior Jack O'Neil must find a way to save their world. For in the face of Ra's magnificent war machine, Earth must now do what the Abydans could not: unite for its freedom and its life ...