Auditioning for the Musical Theatre by Fred Silver


Paperback. Condition: Very Good. 1988. Penguin.

The “Audition Doctor” of Backstage shares the secrets of successful auditioning for the musical theatre.
Fred Silver uses his twenty-five years of experience in the theatre, training thousands of actors, to give vital advice on:
·Choosing the right voice teacher or vocal coach
·Why auditioning for a musical is different from auditioning for a play
·Choosing the right material
·How to act a song
·What to sing at a callback
·How to handle the accompanist
·What to wear to auditions
·How to “sell” a comedy number
·How to handle stage fright
Plus lists of more than 130 excellent yet unusual songs — including selections suitable for juvenile actors, romantic leads, character actors, comics, and performers who are primarily dancers.
With a foreword by Charles Strouse, composer of Annie and Bye Bye Birdie.