The Trouble with Nowadays: A Curmudgeon Strikes Back by Cleveland Amory


Paperback. Condition: Good. 1981. Ballantine books. Inscribed and signed by author.

Inscribed "For Michele, with affection and thanks. Cleveland. Cleveland Avery New Haven, april 20, 1982"

A Crusty Curmudgeon and Charter Member of The Society to Put Things Back The Way They Were, bestselling author Cleveland Amory offers the last word on everything that has made a shambles out of modern life.
Servants: “I have often wondered where all the good, old-fashioned servants have gone. They must be somewhere, they couldn’t have all died.”
The Government: “The only difference between the Republicans and the Democrats is that the Republicans are socialists and the Democrats are communists.”
Women: “The day I put ‘Ms.’ on a letter of mine, it’ll be either to someone else’s mistress or the Bureau of Msing Persons.”
Children: “Remember, children are, no matter how much we detest them, the you and me of tomorrow.”
Foreign Affairs: “Every damn president since I can remember has been so in love with foreign policy that they’re just like a schoolboy with a new girl.”
Religion: “Nowadays Sunday is just one more excuse to do whatever you damn please.”