Twenty Years After by Alexandre Dumas (The Heritage Press)


Hardcover. Condition: Very Good+. 1958. The Heritage Press. Beautifully Illustrated throughout. Sandglass pamphlet included.

Slipcase in Very Good- condition. Introduction by Ben Ray Redman. Illustrations by Edy Legrand

When Twenty Years After opens it is 1648: the Red Sphinx, Cardinal Richelieu, is dead, France is ruled by a regency in the grip of civil war, and across the English Channel the monarchy of King Charles I hangs by a thread. As d’Artagnan will find, these are problems that can’t be solved with a sword thrust. In Twenty Years After, the musketeers confront maturity and face its greatest challenge: sometimes, you fail. It’s in how the four comrades respond to failure, and rise above it, that we begin to see the true characters of Dumas’s great heroes.

Book has slightly faded spine, else in fine condition. Slip case has wear to sides and edges, especially to spine where some of the gold leaf covering is peeling back. Still in very good -/Good + condition.