Plain or Ringlets? by R.S. Surtees


Hardcover. Condition: Very Good. 1926. George Bayntun. Jorrocks Edition. Illustrated by John Leech.

Robert Smith Surtees has long been considered to be one of the great comic chroniclers of the foibles of country life. A sports writer by profession, he was a regular contributor to magazines and periodicals, and produced numerous treatises on animal welfare laws. His affection for the chase, however, is never more obvious than in the light-hearted romp of 'Plain or Ringlets?' The story traces the path of the beautiful Rosa McDermott and the charismatic John Bunting, whose marriage has been foretold by Gipsy prophecy. But the course of love and fox-hunting never does run smooth, and the wealthy Jasper Goldsmith arrives to complicate proceedings. So, questions abound: what way will Rosa turn, which suitor will emerge victorious, and, of course, will it be 'plain' or will it be 'ringlets'?