Degrees of the Zodiac by Esther V. Leinbach


Softcover. Condition: Good. 1981. Macoy Publishing Co. Fourth Printing. Stock Image.

Degrees of the Zodiac was written by noted astrologer Esther V. Leinbach and originally published by Macoy Publishing Company in 1973. This Revised Edition from the author's son, Kevin Leinbach, has been updated for the new Millennium, using the Author's original source material and research. Popular Astrology takes into consideration only one factor: the location of the Sun in the Zodiac, the Sun Sign. Even some astrologers only consider the twelve signs of the Zodiac and disregard the individual 30 degrees that make up the total span of the sign. But the degrees are a very significant influence in the chart and more and more astrologers are discovering how important degrees are to horoscope interpretation. The 360 Degrees in the circle of the Zodiac are activated by the Sun, the Moon and the Planets, even the house cusps of every horoscope. These degrees help to account for the many different expressions of each individual sign. Degree influences have often been seen as ethereal and mysterious, relying on symbolism to suggest potential expressions. Perhaps the advantage of symbols is that they can be interpreted in the current context directly. But symbols can also be quite difficult to decipher. This book was originally written to bring the symbolism into a descriptive, practically applicable format that can more easily be used in chart interpretation. The approach is psychological rather than symbolic. It was intended to be accessible to the novice as well as the professional astrologer. But when particular references are made to current insights or methods, there is some danger that degree descriptions can become outdated. This Revised Edition has been released to update the descriptions with a current perspective and incorporate a context and evolutionary perspective that was simply not in place when Degrees of the Zodiac was originally published.