Isaac Asimov Presents Caliban Landing by Steven Pokes


Paperback. Condition: Very Good. 1989. Worldwide Science Fiction. Stock Image.

Very good condition, shelf and edge wear. No creases to spine.

For the five-member crew of the Shenendoah, the Caliban landing began as a routine scouting. But the trees - the incredible trees - bright red and orange and maroon and peace; the grass, a bed of bright yellow sunshine. And the mysterious fur-covered Calabi who seemed neither to smeak, nor to hear.

They'd killed one of them. It was an accident, of course. Crushed under the transport buggy. But an accident that could cost them their ship, their careers, even their lives. They had to stay. They had to convince the Calibi they were not murderers, prove their innocence in a world that sang a song they had yet to hear.