Penelope's Experiences England, Ireland, and Scotland by Kate Douglas Wiggin (3 Volumes)


Hardcover. Condition: Very Good - Fine. 1902, 1904, 1906. Gay and Bird. Illustrated.

A beautiful set of books bound in green cloth with gorgeous gilt decoration. Gilt edges, clean interiors, minimal to mild shelfwear and edgewear. These books are on the whole, in fine condition.

Penelope's English Experiences: Penelope Hamilton is a young American lady, genteelly poor, abroad in England with her friends Francesca, who is young and flighty, and Salemina, a sophisticated gentlewoman. Together they explore the British way of life, from the bustling Saturday-night street markets and the polite fiction of privacy courting couples enjoy on park strolls to elegant balls at which young ladies make their social debuts to the cheery innkeepers who take the travelers under their wing.

Penelope's Scotland Experiences: Penelope Hamilton is a young American lady abroad in Scotland with her friends Francesca, who is "aggressively American," and Salemina, "a citizen of the world." Together they endure the damp chill of Edinburgh, attend an aristocrat's birthday feast, are presented at the Scottish court, explore the countryside, and immerse themselves in the society of small-town Scottish life. Romance and marriage may also find themselves in the offing.

Penelope's Irish Experiences: Penelope and her friends explore Ireland in this third volume by beloved children's author Kate Douglas Wiggins