The Best Short Stories of J.G. Ballard


Paperback. Condition: Good. 1985. Washington Square Press.

First published in 1978, this collection of nineteen of Ballard's best short stories is as timely and informed as ever. His tales of the human psyche and its relationship to nature and technology, as viewed through a strong microscope, were eerily prescient and now provide greater perspective on our computer-dominated culture. Ballard's voice and vision have long served as a font of inspiration for today's cyber-punks, the authors and futurist who brought the information age into the mainstream.

Includes: The Concentration City, Manhole, Chronopolis, The Voices of Time, Deep End, The Overloaded Man, Billenium, The Garden of Time, Thirteen for Centaurus, the Subliminal Man, The Cage of Sand, End Game, The Drowned Giant, The Terminal Beach, The Cloud Sculptors of Coral D. The Assassination of John F. Kennedy Considered as a Downhill Motor Race, The Atrocity Exhibition, Plan for the Assassination of Jacqueline Kennedy, Why I want to Fuck Ronald Reagan