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British Castles by Charles H. Ashdown


Hardcover. Condition: Good. 1911. Adam and Charles Black. 1st Edition. Illustrated.

Bound in green cloth. Edges of covers soiled, some sunning of spine. Several corners bumped. Light edge-wear. Clean, well bound interior with 32 beautiful color illustrations and numerous other sketches and diagrams.

Considering the richness and variety of both technical and popular literature upon Castles generally, it may appear superfluous to send forth another book upon the same subject, and, if investigation had been at a standstill or barren in results during the past decade, criticism would be justified. But much has come to light upon this interesting subject which undoubtedly revolutionizes pre-existing ideas, both as to primitive forms of castellations and of those in historic periods. The allocation of the former to approximately definite epochs, and also of two great and important phases of the latter to well-defined periods, are the salient features of late investigations. Unfortunately the ordinary reader is debarred from becoming intimate with these changes of thought, inasmuch as newly acquired discoveries are generally to be found only in the transactions of learned Societies or in disconnected brochures not readily available. To bring these ideas to a focus and present them in such a form that the Man in the Street—undoubtedly a member of the preponderating majority—may readily comprehend them is one of the aims of the writer, while another is to suggest to the ordinary observer that the earthworks in our islands entitle primitive man to be considered with much more respect and consideration than has hitherto been afforded him.