Roger Zelazny's Alien Speedway - Clypsis by Jefrey A. Carver


Paperback. Condition: Like-New. 1987. Bantam Spectra. Stock Image. 1st Edition, 1st printing.

Book 1 in the Alien Speedway series.

Imagine Clypsis, an entire solar system designed as the most awesome racetrack in the history of the sport.
Imagine personality-implanted robots, whose knowledge and influence can make or break a racer's career, and fusion-fueled ships that move at extraordinary speeds.
Imagine a young hero from Earth, braving the unknown to reach Clypsis, where his dream of being a faster-than-light racer can come true.
Enter the imagination of Nebula and Hugo Award-winner Roger Zelazny. Share the dream of Mike Murray as he makes his way from the racing pit to the cockpit of the universe's most dangerous and exhilarating challenge.
Roger Zelazny and Jeffrey A. Carver launch a sensational series with technical blueprints of the racing ships by visionary automotive designer Hayashi.