The Sixth of June by Lionel Shapiro

1st Edition

Hardcover. Condition: Very Good, Dust Jacket: Good. 1955 Doubleday. 1st Edition.

Includes informational pamphlet about story. Book of the Month club.

World War II was more than a historical event; it was a deeply personal, emotional experience for all who lived through it overseas and at home. This novel whirls the reader back to that time and that experience-to the fevered years in America, to blitz-torn London, to the beauty, love, and mounting terror that marked the progression of the war to its magnificent climax, the D-day assault on THE SIXTH OF JUNE. It tells the story of Brad Parker, heir apparent to a Connecticut newspaper empire, who went overseas owing his loyalty and his love to his wife, Jane. It tells the story, too, of Valerie Russell-beautiful, compassionate, ware-weary - who owed her loyalty to a brave Englishman. Brad and Valerie feel deeply, helplessly in love. In sight of each other their primary loyalties fell away. But certain as they were of their love-and that it could overcome every obstacle, every loyalty-they reckoned without the emotional miracle the took place on THE SIXTH OF JUNE.