Strategic Partnering by A David Silver

1st Edition

Hardcover. Condition: Fine. Dust Jacket: Fine. 1993. McGraw Hill. 1st Edition, 1st Printing.

Until recently, resource-strapped entrepreneurs and small business owners scrambling for start-up funding and assistance have been forced to turn to family and friends, venture capitalists, wealthy individuals, or government-guaranteed loans. But today there's an extraordinary new source of launch capital - strategic alliances with large corporations. Now, best-selling author and leading venture capitalist A. David Silver reveals everything you need to know to tap into this virtually bottomless pool of creative business funding." "In Strategic Partnering you'll discover how hundreds of domestic and foreign corporations - computer giants, utilities, publishers, steel and pharmaceutical companies, communications and entertainment firms - are investing in entrepreneurial companies, in return for the rights to make or market new products and services, and only a small fraction of ownership. You'll learn how and when to contact these potential strategic partners, surefire ways for writing an inviting business plan, and the six key steps for closing a strategic alliance." "Imagine leveraging start-up capital and business expertise from the likes of IBM, Ameritech, Alcoa, Eli Lilly, or Nippon Steel, without giving up a major equity stake in your company. Armed with Strategic Partnering, you'll discover how to do all this and more, including how to speed your products or services to the market faster, at less cost ... how to exploit corporate R&D and manufacturing assistance ... how to boost sales through a corporate partner's time-tested marketing channels and distribution resources ... how to access low-cost computer time and health insurance ... and much more." "To help you swiftly position your company for success, Strategic Partnering supplies the first-ever, comprehensive directory of the most active strategic partners in the U.S. and abroad. In addition to sharing current contact information and profiling each firm's strategic alliances, the directory reveals the corporate gatekeepers who can make or break your deal, and shows how to contact outside corporate directors and accounting firms to create an inside endorsement to carry your deal to the decision makers." "In the turbulent '90s, the key to entrepreneurial success lies in forming strategic partnerships with large corporations and becoming a major player without the traditional injection of equity capital and the big financial bite it brings. Featuring a sample confidential disclosure agreement and a sample licensing agreement, this must-read book shows results-hungry entrepreneurs and small business owners how to tap into today's richest sources of capital, R&D assistance, marketing support, and other critical business resources.