Basic Photo by Ansel Adams (5 Volumes)


Hardcover. Condition: Good-Very Good. Dust Jacket: Good- toVery Good. 1960s-1980s. Various Presses, Various Editions.

A comprehensive and accessible guide to photography. It covers cameras and lenses, the specifics of black-and-white and color photography. field trips. All aspects of photography are thoroughly presented in a clear, readable manner.

Book 1: Camera and Lens - New York Graphic Society, Revised Edition 1976. Very Good Condition

Book 2: The Negative (Exposure - Development) - Morgan & Morgan. New Revised Edition, 5th Printing 1971. Very Good Condition

Book 3: The Print (Contact Printing and Enlarging) - Morgan & Morgan. New Edition. 1971. Very Good condition.

Book 4: Natural-Light Photography - Morgan & Morgan. 1971. Seventh Printing. Good+/Very Good- condition

Book 5: Artificial Light Photography - New York Graphic Society. 1965. 1st Edition. Good- Dust Jacket; Very Good condition interior.