The Fun of It by Amelia Earhart


Hardcover. Condition: Very Good+.  1932. Harcourt and Brace. 6th printing. Illustrated. With sealed audio recording of Amelia Earhart.

"Random records of my own flying and women in aviation"

Earhart recollects how she became interested in being an aviator, and also becoming aviation editor for Cosmopolitan Magazine. In the book she also recounts her 1928 trans-Atlantic flight.

She also profiles the careers of other pioneering female flyers of her time. Earhart also encourages young women to follow their own careers and dreams. The title comes from her quote "Flying may not be all plain sailing, but the fun of it is worth the price."

This includes a still sealed 78rpm record of Earhart's International Broadcast in London of May 22nd 1932.