Planet of No Return by Poul Anderson and Star Guard by Andre Norton

1st Edition

Paperback. Condition: Good. 1956. Ace. Ace Double Edition - 1st Edition of Planet of No Return.

Planet of No Return by Poul Anderson

John Lorenzen is an astronomer from Lunopolis who is recruited by the Lagrange Institute for the second expedition to Troas. At this time, Earth is still recovering from a two-century-long era of war and chaos that began with the Soviet conquest of North America in World War III and ended with the unification of the Solar System at the conclusion of a war between Mars and Venus. Twenty-two years after the discovery of a faster-than-light drive, Troas is the only Earthlike world to be discovered, and enthusiasm for interstellar travel is waning. If Troas is not opened to colonization, humanity may give up interstellar travel altogether.

Star Guard by Andre Norton

They were Terrans, considered by Central Control to be the ideal mercenaries of the galaxy. Divided into “Hordes” and “Legions”, the former serving on primitive worlds with hand weapons. The latter indulging in technical warfare on more advanced planets. These man of death followed orders perfectly – until rumors of whole unit annihilations began to spread.

Kana Karr was just Swordsman of an ordinary Horde. He had been sent to an un-extraordinary planet to quell a common rebellion. A simple assignment – until Kana discovered the awesome truth behind the intergalactic rumors and realized that not only his life but the fate of the whole human race was irrevocably entwined with the outcome.