The State of Things - Fall 2022

Published on 4 October 2022 at 08:24

One of the things they tell you when opening up a new business is to expect unexpected charges. So when planning Castle Books I carefully accounted for every possible business expense that could pop up. What I hadn't counted on, was a car accident several months in that totaled my car and bit into most of the savings I'd put aside for the business. As a result, my budget set aside for affording a brick'n'mortar location drastically decreased in size. That coupled with surprising lack of communication in the realty market when it comes to retail locations, has put a bit of a crimp in the plan to establish a physical location by the end of summer.


It goes to show that even when you anticipate everything there's still something that could sneak up on you. We've had better sales this month, and have started selling on several platforms. For now, the plan is to keep selling online, save, and continue the search for a brick n' mortar location. Castle Books and Tea shall establish itself in the physical plane. For now, we keep growing virtually, filling orders when they come in, and doing our best.

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Tim Allgood
a year ago

Don't stress and DON'T trap yourself into the mindset that you must have a brick and mortar location. Focus on the web and how you can make your company unique and improve the lives of your clients. Noe of that will change if you all of a sudden have a brick and mortar location; the only change will be the added stress of paying rent for a space you truly don't need to excel. Stay positive, stay strong and never give up on your dream. Period. Tim