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Published on 12 June 2022 at 13:35

It's the question everyone has been asking. You're name is Castle Books and  Tea. We all see the books, but where exactly is the tea?

Well tea tell the truth (and yes this post will contain a lot of tea puns, but I'll try not to go on Oolong about it). Okay, I have to stop the puns before it goes a bit too far. But consider it a teaser for things just around the bend. (Tea-ser?)


I'm very excited to be able to support a local company, Simpson and Vail for a literary brand of teas. They're one of several wholesalers we'll be sourcing from moving forward. The other is the absolutely wonderful "Novelteas" which is perhaps what's left me in such a punny mood. Novel Teas are simply incredible. Similar to Simpson and Vail, they have teas based on literary titles. (Pride and Peppermint, War and Peach, etc.), they differ by having the tea come in tins that are shaped and decorated to look like books. I'll leave a picture at the end of this blog at one of their posts).


For now, we're testing out the waters- figuring out what people are interested in. So we don't have a lot of anything, but a little bit of everything. My plans going forward include coming up with a document pairing teas with recommended books. If anyone has any favorite tea blends or literary authors they'd like to see teas for, please let me know!


Rolling on the good news is a bit of a setback. I landed on a property I was going to lease for the store, but it fell through and was rented out to someone else before I could make my move. So we continue the search! For now, we have tea, we have books, and we have your amazing support. It's the best of all worlds. So thank you everyone! You are all incredible.

One of the beautiful pieces of artwork done by Novelteas. A tin (with tea!) in the shape of a book and wrapped in a beautiful pun (beau-tea-ful?). We'll soon be offering more products by this company. Stay tuned!

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